Monday, March 14, 2011

SXSWi Screenburn Arcade

When I saw that Wizard World ( was going to have a booth at the SXSWi Screenburn Arcade (, I didn't anticipate that I would get a blog post out of it.  It has become an annual tradition for our family to see some video games and people watch and this year was no different.

Tucked in the mix of giant bean bags, social media booths, game developer tools and a boxing ring, the Wizard World booth was setting up.  Henry walked up where inker Rodney Ramos was setting up some books and they were prepping a prize wheel.  He started to grab at some of the books until he was instructed to look with his eyes when Rodney asked Henry what he was up to.  Henry said that he was looking for a prize and asked Rodney for one.  Rodney was taken aback, but handled it like a pro.  He realized that his books were not age appropriate for a 3 and a half year old, and told Henry to hold tight.  Rodney then found a scrap of paper and drew a quick sketch of Batman telling Henry to listen to his parents.  It was a very special moment for Henry and our family and we were thrilled with the kindness of Rodney and how much this quick sketch meant to us.  That type of prize is more then Henry could have possibly asked for.  Thanks for making this year's Screenburn Arcade the best ever!

I wish I could have afforded a SXSWi badge to attend some of the comic panels and social media panels, but our free experience was great and we walked away with a unique memento that we will keep with us always!  Thanks SXSW, thanks Wizard World and most of all thanks Rodney!  Hope your time in Austin was great!


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