Sunday, March 6, 2011

Staple! Write-Up

Image courtesy of Staple!
Even though I sadly was unable to attend any panels as I had a 3 and a half-year-old and a one-year old in tow, we still had a very nice Staple! experience.  The vendors were all great, had amazing stuff and were very kind and easy to approach.

All of the staff that we interacted with were helpful and knowledgeable.  The venue worked great and it was very successful from our standpoint.  Thank you to all of the individuals that put in a large amount of time and effort.  Your hard work paid off and you should be proud!

Henry was allowed to pick out one “prize” and had a tough time deciding.  At first he was going to get an Owly or Johnny Boo book from the Top Shelf booth (, but settled on the “He-Man and Skeletor” print from Tim Doyle (@NakatoniTim) of Nakatomi Inc (  I ended up getting a couple of other prints and a sticker as well.  I have a hard time not buying more prints from those guys.

We got to chat with our friends from Austin Books ( and Henry was excited to get a free bookmark from their booth. 

In terms of generating content for the blog, I was able to interview Chris Staros (@chrisstaros) from Top Shelf and set up an interview with Alan Porter (, author of the Cars line from Boom! Studios.  Both fellas were generous with their time and I was able to get an autographed copy of Cars: The Rookie for Henry and Chris gave Zelda an Owly finger puppet set.   I hope to post both of the interviews in the next couple of days.

Again, I am bummed I didn’t get to see the screening of Comic Book Literacy ( or any of the other panels, but it was a great event that my whole family enjoyed.  Thanks Staple!



  1. Sorry you missed the screening. Hopefully you'll be able to see the film soon.

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